Powerful cloud technology fit for Hospitality

Maestrano synchronizes data from the business apps you use to serve your customers, making everything accessible on one platform.

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Save time and money on manual entry

The magic is in the way Maestrano syncs data from one app to another automatically. Enter data in one place and it appears in all other apps. This increases productivity for your team and keeps everything up-to-date across the business.


We connect all your apps

Choose powerful apps to help you to run your hospitality business more effectively, such as Point of Sales, Stock and Inventory Management, Timesheet management or Accounting.
The added benefit is that Maestrano integrates data from all those business apps.

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Comprehensive Business Intelligence

Use widgets to build a customized reporting dashboard with charts and tables. These widgets will automatically update when the data syncs with your business apps, plus you can set alerts to stay updated on the run.

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