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WorkflowMax, a Xero-owned product, is used by more than 8,500 businesses all over the world, providing a total cloud-based business solution for construction firms, creative agencies, architects, engineers, surveyors, lawyers, IT companies, consultants and anyone else who bills by time.

Complex quotes and invoices can be created in minutes and pushed out electronically to your clients. With a click of a button your client can accept a quote, and this becomes a job in WorkflowMax. Your team can now track their time against this job, even when they’re out in the field, and you can manage job milestones and keep track of who is working on what. When the job is complete, you can quickly send out the invoice, track how your company is performing with clever reports, and switch over to your accounting software to find all the job details have been added … automagically.

Because WorkflowMax is on the cloud, you can be anywhere in the world and still be able to manage your business. Check timesheets and send invoices from the Amazon jungle or the beach in Bali.

WorkflowMax integrates with more than 30 other systems, including Xero accounting – meaning all invoices created in WorkflowMax are seamlessly pushed into Xero.

With WorkflowMax taking care of all your admin and job management needs, you can spend your time working on the business, rather than IN the business.


  • As Certified Implementation Partners, we have implemented and trained WorkflowMax for over sixty clients in the UK. Industries have included Creative Agencies, Architects & Engineers, Ecologists, Training Companies and General Consultancy firms.

    Maree Maxfield,

Worldwide Usage: 8500


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