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Inventory management software

  • Real-time inventory control and reporting
  • Product lifecycle traceability with serial and batch
  • Trade in any currency
  • Keep track of stock on mobile devices


Unleashed is an inventory management system designed for midsize businesses. 

Launched in 2009 by New Zealand-based Unleashed Software, Unleashed provides real-time visibility of all inventory management processes and transactions across sales channels, staff and warehouses.

Users can calculate total product costs and profit margins through Unleashed’s reporting and analysis capabilities. It also supports standard inventory management features such as inventory optimization, kitting and bill of materials. Unleashed is suitable for businesses in the consumer goods, manufacturing, retail and electronics industries.Unleashed is cloud-based and is available for purchase as a monthly subscription, with four different tiers based on the number of users, products and warehouses. 

The Lite version allows for one user, one warehouse, one currency and 500 products, while the premium Enterprise version allows for 5 users, 5 warehouses, 25,000 products and multiple currencies. All versions allow for unlimited customers and suppliers.


  • ?The Unleashed Sales mobile app is fantastic. We work with 100?s of busy businesses across the country and their time is a valuable commodity. The mobile app further improves our responsiveness and ensures we keep our customers happy with the support they deserve."

    Carey Dixon, Connected Media

  • ?Our business is no longer restricted within the wall of our physical office. Customer service is paramount to our business. The Unleashed Sales mobile app allows us to react to our customers needs any place at any time."

    Antony Letch, Product Distribution

  • ?Love the ability for my sales team to quickly see inventory on the road. Selecting a product to see inventory and price tiers is great.?

    Spencer Howell, Life Floor


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