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Spotlight Reporting

Business intelligence made easy

  • Get a clearer picture of your business
  • Make more informed decisions based on our amazing reports
  • Uncover insights to improve business operations


If you are a business owner needing better insight or an accountant reporting to the Board or management team, our tool gives you a clearer picture of your business. Report your financial performance, position, cash and write up an executive summary to discuss highlights and recommendations. Choose from our templates or customize your own.

Spotlight Reporting also has a range of KPIs and non-financial metrics in-built with the ability to customize KPIs that are most relevant to your organization. Create focus and debate with clever KPIs.
Download a sample report you can create in minutes with Spotlight Reporting.


  • Spotlight Reporting has been the mainstay of our reporting, management decision-making and governance. Spotlight is now part of our DNA.

    Chris O’Neill, BATS Theatre

  • We love the visibility and reporting options this software offers which is great for our varied client base. We use Spotlight Reporting for our best clients.

    Matthew Murphy, MPR Accountants & Advisors

  • We use Spotlight Reporting at the board level. It?s clear analysis gives us a wide view of the company?s performance and also helps us drill down into the detail.

    Sam Minnee, Silverstripe Limited

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