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Easy to reply and sign online

  • Simplify the sign-off process to close deals faster
  • Searchable library where all forms and form data are stored
  • Automated collection and collation of customer data without rekeying


Forms are needed regularly in business to collect customer data, payments and sign-off.

In most businesses today, forms management is email driven involving document attachments, printing, replying, signing then returning (via scanning and email, fax, post…) for processing/rekeying. This largely manual process is disjointed, laborious and costly for the business and contact. SignMee eForms engine automates form management, making life easier for everyone.

With SignMee, a business can create and send web-based eForms to customers, who in turn can fill, pay and sign online in one transaction. The signed form is then stored in the contacts SignMee Inbox and business response library. The business is automatically alerted when a form is signed, with real time access to the response data and payments. Everything is traceable and extractable making it easy for businesses to process response data.

With SignMee, there is nothing to install, and no need to customise. No need to build complicated workflows – this is already done for you via the SignMee engine. Simply add, send and monitor as forms are actioned and stored.

Simplify the sign-off for a faster response!


  • "...No paper and signatures sent back electronically. Brilliant!" Matt Spinaze- The Age, Melbourne, April 24, 2014

    Matt Spinaze, Signmee User Feedback Published in The Age

  • "Like the paperless movement and no lost authority forms..."

    Susan R, Signmee User Feedback 1/5/2015

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