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Excels at sales tracking

  • Grow Your Business with the #1 App to Sell
  • Sell smarter and faster with the world’s #1 CRM
  • 37% increase in Revenue


Salesforce* is the world’s leading provider of CRM solutions.

*Please note that the integration is available only for Entreprise and Unlimited editions, and may be enabled for Professional editions.

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When you launch the connector to Salesforce on Maestrano, you link your Salesforce account to the business applications you already use on Maestrano: you enjoy data sharing and real time reporting in one place for all your business!
You will be able to customize the data that is shared with your other applications on Maestrano.
Want to know more about Salesforce?
Salesforce CRM products include cloud-based solutions and apps for sales, service, marketing, collaboration, analytics, and building custom apps and mobile apps. With the Salesforce cloud-computing model, CRM solutions can instantly scale and be customized to the needs of small businesses, medium businesses, and enterprises as they grow and change.
Salesforce CRM solutions will save your company time and money by automating tasks that can keep your people from focusing on customers and big picture initiatives. And because Salesforce CRM products work in the cloud, they eliminate the need for costly on-premises IT staff, costly repairs, downtime, and software upgrades. But Salesforce products are also designed to integrate seamlessly with legacy on-premises systems so you can make the switch to the cloud at the pace that works best for your company.


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