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SageOne UK

Simple and secure online accounting

  • Smart business insights.
  • Manage customers, suppliers and inventory.
  • Get paid faster by monitoring your invoices.


When you launch the connector to Sage One UK on Maestrano, you link your Sage One account to the business applications you already use on Maestrano: you enjoy data sharing and real time reporting in one place for all your business!

You will be able to customize the data that is shared with your other applications on Maestrano.

Want to know more about Sage one?
Online Accounting
Sage One is a simple, web-based accounting solution that gives small business owners an easier way to run their business. Connect accounting, invoicing, project, tasks, and time tracking like never before. Since there is no software to install, you can sign in and use Sage One on any tablet, laptop, or desktop with internet access.
Stay on top of finances quickly and easily
With Sage One, seeing the big picture is just a couple of keystrokes away. Quickly record your income and expenses into customizable account lists, then you’ll be able to easily generate reports—P&L, balance sheets, aged invoices—whatever you need. After that, it’s automatic; recurring transactions are matched and categorized, and payments that flow into your account can be applied against invoices you’ve created.
Bank Integration
Easily connect your bank account and credit cards in Sage One. Know where money is coming in and going all the time—in less time. Sage One integrates with more than 10,000 banks.


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