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Email Marketing Platform for Retention & Automation

  • Grow Sales Up to 30% With Email
  • Discover New Ways to Email Customers
  • Easily Design Automated Emails and Newsletters


It’s easy to design, send and track intelligent and automated marketing emails to your customers with Remarkety. Create email campaigns in minutes with our drag-and-drop email editor that comes with responsive email templates, customizable and predictive product recommendations and unique coupon codes.

Popular Email Campaigns

Deliver one-time newsletters blasts or create a series of automated email campaigns customized by the conditions and triggers you set.

  • Abandoned Cart Series
  • Winback Inactive Customers
  • Order Followups & Reminders
  • Welcome New Customer Series
  • Feedback & Review Requests
  • Newsletters & Custom Campaigns
  • Email Templates & Design

    Remarkety comes with responsive pre-designed email templates for each type of email campaign. Designing a beautiful custom email is easy with our drag and drop editor. You can also edit HTML or upload your own template. Learn more here.

    Email Tracking & Reporting

    See the opens, clicks and conversions on every email marketing campaign. Reports include deliverability rate, along with bounces, unsubscribes and more. With Remarkety, it’s easy to export reports to Excel, run A/B tests and integrate with Google Analytics.

    You can also view customer profile pages with a detailed snapshot including the number of orders they placed, how much they spent with you in the past, the emails they’re engaging with (opening/clicking/converting) and more. Learn more here.

    Email Lists

    Remarkety will sync customer and order data automatically, so you don’t need to upload contact lists. If you have email lists in other email platforms, you can upload them into Remarkety. When new customers leave an email address from a website popup, Remarkety can automatically deliver a coupon or welcome email.

    Free Trial with Remarkety

    Start a free trial with Remarkety now or schedule a demo with us. During the trial, you’ll have access to premium Remarkety features and a success manager to help you begin sending automated, relevant and intelligent email marketing campaigns to customers. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Simply email us or drop us a line at 1-800-570-7564.


    • ?Remarkety was the only platform that provided an easy to use, comprehensive, all-in-one solution for my brand's emails."

      Cheri Tracy,

    • "Remarkety has been simpler to use than Mailchimp and comes packaged with tracking and reports that make ROI easy to see."

      Simon Cavill, Bee Good

    • "I have been super impressed with the app. This app has given me more in return than what I pay for it...many times over".

      Vic Gupta, Pico Bags

    • ?Remarkety is a really powerful and easy-to-use email marketing platform that helped our brand generate over 35% more sales.?

      Jerry Fan,