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Recognition and Rewards Software

  • Easy to use online system, upload all your employees in minutes
  • Create awards aligned to your business goals
  • Bring your values and culture to life
  • Report on frequency of recognition and participation
  • One of the simplest ways to start improving employee engagement


Redii is modern recognition and rewards software that will help you engage your team in growing your business. Studies show that businesses with a rich culture of recognition have 31% lower voluntary turnover than those with no recognition at all. Regular recognition keeps your best employees connected, productive and engaged. Meaning you get their best work every day.


Redii’s simple platform can be up and running in minutes and features all of the elements of a best practice recognition program. You can set up company based awards, such as employee of the month, innovation awards or any custom award you can think of. You can also enable peer-to-peer recognition and automate work anniversary or birthday awards.


  • "Employee Engagement has been as its highest in ten years. This wouldn't have been possible without a recognition-rich culture"'

    Amicus Interiors, James Kemp,

  • "Attrition has gone from 60-70% prior to the year of implementing Redii and the strategic overhaul ? the past two years have shifted the attrition bar to under 10%. Imagine what this does to the cost base of the business?the time saved in recruitment." Peter Hooymans, Melbourne Real Estate

    Peter Hooymans, Melbourne Real Estate,


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