Create and manage sales proposals in the cloud.

  • No more messy proposals
  • Easy to create templates for any type of sales proposal
  • Spend more time selling, not fighting with MicroSoft Word



The right price

  • Sales staff can instantly get the correct pricing of products, often a big issue in larger companies.

Corporate Styling

  • Enforce your corporate guidelines through proposal templates.
  • Ensure sales staff use your professional artwork, cover pages, corporate colours and logo to maintain consistency throughout proposals. More polished branding adds higher perceived value to your proposals.
  • QuoteCloud makes it easy to create proposal templates for any job type. Spend more time selling or hunting for your next prospect than stuck in front of a computer typing up a sales proposal.
  • Maintain consistency and make more money.

Legal Compliance

  • Make sure customers are always presented with the correct terms & conditions, keeping your company safe from legal battles.

Product Represenation

  • Guarantee products and services your company provide are correctly represented to customers, avoiding legal issues later.

No more messy proposals

  • QuoteCloud makes it easy to create proposal templates for any proposal type. Spend more time selling, less time preparing proposals, and simply make more money.
  • No need to be a Microsoft Word expert, sales staff no longer need to worry about formatting the look of their proposals, and simply choose a sales proposal template to start, and can also add prepared content from a library you prepare for them… make sure customers get a quality document every time!

Easy, simple workflow

  • The easiest proposal builder in existence. Edit, preview, and send proposals from a single page. Get proposals into your client’s hands faster.
  • Switch from edit mode, preview, and send all in one page.
  • Preview proposals without leaving the editor page.
  • Generate PDF versions of your proposals with a single click.
  • Turn proposals into reusable templates with two clicks.


  • You need to know what’s happening with your proposals. QuoteCloud emails you when a client views their proposal so you can follow up. Knowing exactly when a customer reads a proposal gives you the edge to act when the client is engaged with your proposition.
  • QuoteCloud makes it super easy for clients to ask questions right at the time they are reading the proposal, using the Discussion button, this sends emails directly to you so you can call straight away.



  • Choose and Create Templates
  • Drag content, images, explainer videos into your proposals
  • You type text and let QuoteCloud automaticaly format into a beautiful layout

Easily Edit

  • Edit content without frustration. Our text editor stays out of your way except when you need it. The clean, fast writing experience reduces stress.
  • Create rich text proposal content with an easy inline editor

Add Pricing

  • Easily choose products and set pricing in your quote
  • Add custom price lines for adhoc services
  • Create monthly billing line items
  • Summarised totals option


  • Build propsals fast; reuse content
  • QuoteCloud has the best content library function. Reuse content, create new content, and change the order of your proposals with lightning speed.
  • Create proposals on the fly with an easy drag & drop interface.
  • Build proposals with new and reused content all in one screen.
  • Quickly re-order sections without any restrictions.


  • Manage a library of compliant content that sales consultants can use
  • Locked sections so that important content is enforeced by the Template Administrator.
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Free text and date range search to find proposals
  • Full version control


  • Proposals delivered by e-mail with a link to open a full interactive proposal (HTML)
  • Customers can download a printable PDF version
  • Customers can provide instant feedback while in the proposal


  • Multiple user accounts let your entire team access QuoteCloud and work on proposals.
  • A single repository for proposals helps avoid wasted time digging through old files. Stay in the loop.
  • Sales Managers can be assigned sales consultants that report them and can choose to view their sales proposals in their dashboard also.
  • one click “hand over” button to re assign a sales lead to another sales consultant. Useful when sales consultants leave your employment or sales consultants want to collaborate on a sales proposal.


  • Instant notification of when the customer reads the proposal
  • Customers can send you discussion points and feedback right from the proposal as they read it
  • Create revisions of your proposal in one click then resend your updated document.
  • Customers can approve your proposal while reading with one simple click of a button.

Version Control

  • Each time you create a revision of a proposal your previous version is kept, just in case you need it later
  • View all versions in an easy interface

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