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Inventory and Order Management

  • Improve inventory management
  • Forget paperwork for sales/purchases
  • Get better insight on your business


Web-based Sales and Inventory Management for the Small and Medium Business – all bundled in an usable and cost-effective solution. Manage Goods Inbound, Outbound and Transfers, create Sales Quotes, Sales, Purchase and Work Orders in multiple locations in a fully web based, multi-user environment.

Megaventory is a business management tool for dummies! You will be able to manage and control your business inventory, take sales orders and give purchase orders, issue invoices, handle manufacturing. If necessary, manage your contacts and create sophisticated business reports.


  • Since our internal IT support resources are limited, a responsive customer service was high on our priority list. The team behind megaventory is simply outstanding!

    Bartosz, Eastern European Mission

  • Megaventory is powerful with lots of options and your support is outstanding. Glad to find out you respond to my questions any time of the day or night!

    Judy, Bountiful Pantry

  • Let me say that we LOVE the software. It does everything we need and I believe we will be quite happy with it as a permanent tool for inventory.

    Fadi, Finatrade S.A.

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