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Email Automation

  • Mailing list management
  • CAN SPAM Compliance
  • Event Triggered Email


MailChimp is a marketing automation platform that allows you to create, send, and analyze email and ad campaigns. Users receive complete transparency of campaigns, email tracking, view success and click-through rates, generate custom reports, manage subscribers and un-subscribers. MailChimp lets you create custom templates and at the same time choose from an array of pre-made templates and campaigns.

MailChimp platform is also available on freemium – you can send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers (monthly) without any financial commitment. Most of the features, including access to sending marketing automation workflows as well as the ability to create ad campaigns, are available to free users. The MailChimp mobile application allows you to send, coordinate and track all campaigns on the go and numerous tutorials are available to help you along the way, whilst detailed reports help you keep improving over time.

Choose from numerous integrations and plugins to connect your e-commerce store or create custom widgets which integrate with your social media channels in order to maximize sign-up rates. MailChimp provides support via an online knowledge base and technical support via email and live chats to help users with any questions that may come up along the way.


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