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  • Keep a good management of your enterprise
  • Keep a close eye on your current orders
  • Manage your sales


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Manage your company in both a global and targeted way

Why choosing WebLSoft’s ERP?​

Regardless of your line of business or the age of your company, you need an ERP to ensure its proper management. Beyond functionalities (which are basically the same for all ERPs), you need a highly personalized analysis of your activity without losing crucial hours setting up your software.

Your company now benefits from relevant functionalities supported by a refined and intuitive interface thanks to the narrow collaboration of an ergonomist, a graphic designer and developers. You can put behind long training hours. Now lay back and relax and get tempted by our non binding offer.

Classic management

You may create, modify and archive quickly all your data. Our tool helps you optimizing purchases, visualizing estimations on treasury, quotation, bills and orders. You are now holding the cards to manage your activity in a both comprehensive and targeted way.


The most data you will enter in this software, the sharpest the analysis will be. Until now, profitability threshold management tools were sold in addition to classic ERPs. This bundle contains all the options you may need. WebLSoft proposes the best tools based on the ERP to allow you to follow and manage treasury and fixed expenses. 

You are totally autonomous to manage your own company.You now hold the keys to make your management child’s play, so what are you waiting for?

Not yet convinced?

Our offer is flexible and without engagement. You only pay for bundles you actually need. If you ever want to stop using ou product, we ensure a full restitution of your data, for free. Moreover, it being full-web allows you to dispose of all the functionalities five minutes after purchase. You are prevented from hours of setup, all you need is an internet connexion.

Management is accessible to everyone provided that tools are user-focused. WebLSoft’s ERP is a concentrate of satisfaction and simplicity. What are you waiting for?


  • Our company uses your solution since many years now without major problems. This solution supports us in intranet & extranet, across tens of local or remote workstations. We manage approximately 900 products and 3,000 customers, there were no scaling problems. What we appreciated: External features: Automatic creation of Service catalogs and the relation with the developers. No apache security problems. A PREVOST CEO


  • We are a company in construction industry (General & Industrial electricity / Construction and Maintenance of all trades ) and this solution is perfectly adapted for our needs : 4 WebSite in France, approimatively 70 networked users and more that 5 000 deals to manage per year (with a customers, suppliers, stocks & articles base) Laurent HENQUEZ Financial Director


  • We choose, a few month ago, to continue giving our trust to WebLsoft by acquiring new material infrastructure, servers and workstations as well as a web management software, adapted to our job as an industrial coachbuilder : stocks follow-up, purchases, workforce, reporting, etc. The software is used by fifteen users. .... We assure you our full trust and satisfaction of your services. Magali MAURAN, Direction Assistant


  • I, undersigned Laurianne METZINGER, acting as manager of LMCP, certify to be fully satisfied with the services provided by WebLSoft. As part of our collaboration, the need for software became more and more urgent. WebLSoft was able to set up a solution (IPSUM) which ensures everything today: Quotes, orders, invoices, CRM. The accessibility of the software in web mode, its simple handling, its affordable price for small companies such as mine were such triggers that today I advocate this solution among the prospects and the clients. I highly recommend WebLSoft's services and software suites as well as quality, monitoring and maintenance. L. METZINGER, Manager


  • I, undersigned Gilles CALAS, acting as the Manager of ELISE, hereby certify that he is satisfied with the services provided by WebLSoft. Indeed since the beginning of our collaboration with Messrs. LAMBERT and HUBER, the Company WebLSoft has continuously ensured quality services for the associated Design, Development, installation and maintenance of our software Softphone. Our core business is to provide our customers with a customized switchboard, from incoming call management up to 1800 per day, from the simplest (standard) to the most technical (bank back office). At any moment, we could benefit from a fast and quality service which allows us to conduct our activity serenely. Gilles CALAS



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