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Business analysis tool

  • Instantly understand the most important areas a business can improve upon
  • Spot risk indicators, compare industry averages and competitors
  • "It's like a Carfax® for your business." - Jim Meeker, MBA, CBI


Finagraph is a best-in-class automated financial intelligence tool that provides advanced analytics and data verification to business owners and financial professionals. By linking directly into accounting systems like QuickBooks, Finagraph instantly provides a complete business health overview.

Finagraph provides financial intelligence on demand that allows users to instantly see trends, find hidden cash, compare industry averages, spot risk indicators and manage by metrics. In minutes, you can replace hours of work with one click and become an expert on your business.
Finagraph allows you to take control of your finances with insight on the following aspects of your business including: cash flow, inventory management, customer demographics, asset ratios, industry averages, competitor comparisons, risk indicators, sales/ expense trending and accounts payable/ receivable management.
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  • ?Finagraph has a clean and easy to read interface, saving my clients frustration by consolidating the information they are most concerned with during their performance reviews. I've evaluated numerous dashboards in a variety of price points and Finagraph offers the best solution to provide automated financial analysis and benchmarking to my clients."

    Beth Damis, Accounting Solutions Consultant & Trainer, Top 100 ProAdvisor 2014 and Owner of Bookkeeping by Beth LLC

  • "Gone are the days of "trying" to manage the bottom line using paper and pencil methods. Small business owners need software like Finagraph to instantly see their business from a financial perspective. It literally combines the financial analysis normally done by a CPA, CFO, and bookkeeper in a fraction of the time and presents the results in easy-to-understand terms."

    Kristian Hohenbrink, President of K and H Consulting


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