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Workforce management.

  • Spend less time rostering staff
  • Capture precise time and attendance
  • Timesheets to payroll in seconds


Ento was founded in Australia in 2009 to help businesses manage rostering, leave, attendance and communication within their workforce.

Since then we’ve become the chosen solution for over 3,000 workplaces across retail, hospitality, health, community, and more; rostering more than 30 million shifts for businesses ranging in size from 10 to 2,000+ staff.

Our software is part of the next generation of workforce management tools; cloud-based, accessible via a smartphone, tablet or desktop, and integrated with leading HR, POS and payroll systems.

With strong foundations in improving workflow, reducing costs, and eliminating manual processes for managers, we continue to work tirelessly on expanding our software with new tools focused on improving the happiness and engagement of employees.


  • We researched various roster software before deciding on Ento and have been very happy with our decision. Lots of great features as well as easily keeping our staff informed of roster changes makes staff management a whole lot easier.

    Jamien Zimmermann, CEO — TravelSIM Australia

  • The Ento system comes with my highest recommendation! We have been using Ento to manage our 90 staff across 4 locations for the last 4 months and could not be happier! Payroll alone used to take our bookkeeper 2.5 hours a week plus another 5 hours per week of manager time following up missing shifts, shift swaps, those that put too many/ too little hours, etc.
    Now that staff are entering their own time sheets and we can export to MYOB we think it take us about 15 - 30 minutes to complete, including the bank payment and payslips emailed. Saving us time, money and STRESS! We love that this system puts the responsibility back onto the staff. Both for time sheets but also unavailabilities. We are no longer spoon feeding them and it feels great!

    Rebecca Jackson, Multiple franchise owner — Bakers Delight

  • Ento helps us manage more than 400 staff over 55 locations in a much more efficient way saving us both time and money. Letting staff login to the website and fill out unavailability has removed the need for us to chase and re-enter that data into a separate spreadsheet. SMS Broadcasting is a highlight in communicating quickly to notify staff of their shifts, filling empty shifts and automatic notifications of their next shift.

    Shannon Smith, Manager — Ivory Tavern

  • Beaurepaires has now been using Ento for all rostering and time keeping across its network of 250+ stores and 1,500+ employees for approx. 12 months and it has been an outstanding success. The team at Ento have been incredibly easy to work with, bending over backwards whenever we requested a new customisation or wanted to change the project scope. We have been able to customise the product precisely to every single one of our requirements, from our extremely complex award interpretation (which is now completely handled by the Ento award interpreter) to handling 24 hour rosters, call outs and lack of internet connectivity in remote locations. Post implementation the system has gone from strength to strength, maintaining essentially 100% uptime now going on 12 months and generating enough savings through improved rostering and reduced time theft to pay back the cost of implementation in just 2 months! Ento has been a huge success story for our business and I would happily recommend it to any business large or small.

    Matthew Rodgers, Workforce planning manager — Beaurepaires

  • It is now 2 weeks after we found your site, and I have been most impressed by not only the actual program but your very efficient and reliable service that backs up your product. We have saved many hours every week in our rostering for our staff, and have now been able to provide a better quality service for my staff and increase the communication between managers and other team members. The commitment of Aulay and his team at Ento has allowed customization and problem-solving? to make the product suit my business needs so much easier. We have tried many other rostering software packages in the past and all have hit a brick wall at some point to either their service, or their customization, or ease of use. Ento has been the opposite and has been very easy to setup for my managers, and other team members to learn.

    Adam Pope, Australian Catering Company

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