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Enterprise Resource Management

  • Save time by using a system that combines the features of an ERP and a CRM.
  • Centralize your resource management
  • Increase productivity by improving collaboration


Dolibarr is an easy to use ERP and CRM software for small to mid-sized businesses, foundations or freelancers. This ERP includes all the features you would expect and also Customer Relationship Management (CRM) components, among others inventory, warehouse, order, invoice, shipment, POS, members for foundations, bank accounts,etc.. It is easy to use interface does not require any technical knowledge.

More and more businesses are turning towards Dolibarr because of its simplicity and efficiency. It is one of the prime ERP systems for European small and medium businesses.

 If you already have a version of Dolibarr that is hosted on your private server, you will not be able to connect it to the platform. Our platform can only connect new Dolibarr accounts.


  • If your small business lacks organization but you cannot afford an expensive CRM and resource planning tool, one solution worth a look is Dolibarr.

    Jack Wallen, From

  • Dolibarr is modular software to manage companies, freelancers or foundations. It manages to offer users all features of modern ERP/CRM software with an easy way to use them.

    Reviewer, From

Worldwide Usage: 470000


Dolibarr is a registered trademark of Dolibarr in the United States, the European Union and other countries.