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Business Sorter

Comprehensive business planning

  • The framework and content to run your business more efficiently and profitably.
  • Quickly identify clear priorities and the steps needed to accomplish your goals.
  • Intuitive and easy to use - no previous business planning experience required.


Following a solid business plan can help you run your business more efficiently and profitably. But business planning is time-consuming and requires a sound process.

Quick and simple

Business Sorter condenses many hours, or often days, of business planning into under two hours. And, thanks to a simple, intuitive process, you don’t need any formal business planning expertise to develop an astute plan.

Comprehensive content provided

The reason it’s so quick and easy is that 90% of the work is done for you. Instead of having to come up with a plan from scratch, the content is right there in front of you. It’s arranged under six key areas – sales, finance, goods & services, people, brand & marketing, and operations. All you have to do is sort through cards and identify the top priorities in your business.

Traditional business plans are often distributed and then filed away. In no time, priorities change and the plan is out of date

People have direction

Business Sorter does more than help you create a plan, it also helps you implement it. Once you’ve selected the things you need to work on, your plan is presented in a simple format that you can share online with colleagues and business advisers.

Your plan content is fully editable so you can make changes to suit your individual situation and update it as you need to. You can also delegate tasks, set timings and budgets, and monitor progress.

You get things done

All of the key steps in your plan have tips attached, to help guide you and your team in areas you have less experience in. Your team can login on any device, so everyone with access is always up to date and knows what they need to do.

Give Business Sorter a try and see how quick and easy it is to make a solid business plan and put it into action.


  • ?... very easy and fast to use? information to prompt us when required and ideas to make us think in depth about where we are heading and what our priorities are.?

    Suzanne Papa, Owner, What’s Up House Inspections.,

  • ?We recommend Business Sorter to all our clients who are wanting to achieve better results. It?s easy to use and helps create a powerful plan to drive results in your business. We actively promote it on our website as one of the business tools you need to grow.?

    Trish Love, Founder, Love to Grow Chartered Accountants.,

  • ?Simple, intuitive and yet powerful. Business Sorter empowers you to view your business, the challenges and opportunities in a logical, structured and sometimes new way ? providing insights that may not otherwise have been obvious.?

    Stephen Thom, Business Strategy Manager, Chorus.,

  • ?Overall, it?s enabled us to simplify our business plan and create something that is much easier to follow and implement. Ultimately, this makes our long-term goals more achievable.?

    Esther Roberts, General Manager, Indian Ink.,

  • ?It?s just like having a business mentor in the room.?

    Josh Wong, Director at Two Point Zero.,

  • ?...We love its ?ease of use?, packs a powerful punch, contents wise? All aspects of a very involved business plan are covered... I highly recommend Business Sorter.?

    Sharl Short, Macvad SA/Urban Leisure NZ.,

  • "As Business Management Consultants, we are well aware that, statistically, businesses with a business plan have a far greater chance of success than those that don?t. 'If it is not written down, it?s only a dream.' We at Prime Strategies Group find Business Sorter a fast and engaging way to get business planning document on paper."

    Rob Drower, Partner, Prime Strategies Group.,

  • ?I love using this! Easy to use and easy to understand outcomes. Try it, it is unique in a world of these type of programs.?

    Jamie Koosache, Urban Trends.,