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A powerful, to-the-point & expertly crafted
business empowerment platform!

Real-time application data synchronization and a robust business performance dashboard; purpose-built for you.
Sound good? Let’s get started!

What Does Maestrano Do?

Maestrano allows your business to flourish through one-to-many cloud application integrations, with real-time data synchronization, and usable business analytics, displayed in a format that actually makes sense.

Your accounting package will seamlessly interact with your CRM while your e-commerce application will easily connect to your inventory management system. Your entire suite of business applications will work as a unified ecosystem.

Data Sharing

Your favourite business applications seamlessly sharing data between one another.

Business Analytics

A powerful dashboard that shows you exactly how your business is performing.

KPI Alerting

Receive timely alerts when pre-defined performance KPI’s have been achieved.

A Beautiful Suite Of
Business Applications

Our application marketplace features many of the business apps that you already love and use. From accounting and human resources to e-commerce and customer relationship management, we’ve got you covered.

Quickbooks? We’ve got it. Google Apps For Work? Check! Hubspot? It’s here! Check out the entire range of available applications.

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A Robust Business
Performance Dashboard

Maestrano’s robust technology aggregates the data from your connected applications into a single consolidated, and customizable, dashboard. View the performance of your business in an easy to understand format.

No more messing around with manual and complicated spreadsheets; it’s all done for you, automatically!


“All my staff in sales, marketing and production now have access to real time information thanks to Maestrano.”

Rob Reynolds General Manager, CAZNA September 16, 2016